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Holt Caterpillar

Within 1-hour of determining the 416D backhoe was missing, the police had the machine in hand--400 miles from where it was stolen. The amazing thing is that the police started examining the other equipment on the job site and in the surrounding area. They found another stolen piece of equipment: a 420D backhoe loader. Together these two pieces of equipment are valued at over $140,000.

—Brent Johnson, new equipment inventory supervisor

North Texas Auto Theft Task Force

These theft rings are bigger and run deeper than most can even imagine--with teams of experienced thieves and transporters, and well-connected networks of sellers and buyers of stolen vehicles, big-dollar construction equipment and other pricey, in-demand goods.

These guys work around the clock. They're growing every day, while our budgets are shrinking. But thanks to HeavyTrack's GPS/cellular technology, we're hot on their tracks and catching more in the act every week.

—Lieutentant Tim Stewart


With a theft recovery rate of over 90%, the HeavyTrack System has proven to be a wise investment for all its customers. However, here are a few HeavyTrack customers who have experienced monumentally huge paybacks on their nominal investment:

Border Contractors, with a total fleet of less than a dozen machines, has had the following 4 machines stolen and 100% recovered by the HeavyTrack System: Cat 446B backhoe/loader, Cat 436C backhoe/loader, Caterpillar backhoe, Caterpillar loader.

L & G Concrete Contractors, has had a 100% recovery rate on 6 stolen machines with the HeavyTrack System: Cat 420D backhoe, Cat 420D backhoe, Cat 420D backhoe, Cat backhoe, Cat backhoe, Cat backhoe.

Urban Concrete Contractors, has also had a 100% recovery rate on 3 stolen machines with the HeavyTrack System: Bobcat 863 skidsteer loader, Bobcat 843 skidsteer loader, Bobcat 863 skidsteer loader.

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