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Since 1997,

HeavyTrack has found millions of dollars in stolen construction equipment, trucks and vehicles for its clients. HeavyTrack’s digital tracking device is hidden in the vehicle – no one needs to know that your equipment is being monitored – and it works all over North America, including Mexico and Canada.


Nationwide installations on virtually every equipment type and manufacturer.

The HeavyTrack System uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and embedded wireless data transmission technology. The signals produced by GPS satellites are received and translated to precise latitude and longitude coordinates. This information is transmitted wirelessly over the cellular telephone network to the HeavyTrack data center where the equipment movement, direction, usage and speed of travel is viewed and processed in real-time.

If it’s stolen, the HeavyTrack monitoring associate will contact the applicable law enforcement officials with an exact location of where to secure the asset.  Every local law enforcement agency in the U.S. and Canada is a partner with HeavyTrack in stopping theft and recovering stolen equipment.


For about a quarter a day.

You get state-of-the art GPS satellite location services to find your stolen or lost machine, truck or vehicle anywhere in North America. $399 for three years. No monthly fees. No wireless phone service to buy. Certified HeavyTrack technicians come to your site – after hours if desired -- for a convenient and professional installation. Installation charges are based on the vehicle or equipment, quantity and job site locations involved – but usually are between $50 and $99 each.


Customer monitoring package.

Add the optional Customer Monitoring Web Package to see the equipment’s movement, speed and engine hours.  Instantly view equipment location and reports yourself from your own password-protected web site.  Verify your machinery, vehicles and operators are where they are supposed to be.  Monitor the machine hours and utilization of your equipment from your computer – and get an update instantly anytime.  Three years of customer monitoring is only $299.  Again, no monthly fees.  No wireless phone service to buy, and no installation charge for the optional customer monitoring package.



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